Sunday, February 01, 2015
Who We Are

About Us
WordCraft is a trusted marketing communications partner for industry leaders and small organizations alike.

Our team of seasoned writers handles large and small projects with professional skill.

Our Clients Say...

"WordCraft sent Liz Landreth to help us with a rather challenging program project. Liz took the reins and immediately soothed the client's concerns about our ability to complete the project. Liz took on much of the customer interaction and handled many interviews to help us streamline the schedule. The program was completed on time, and our clients were very satisfied."


The Craft of Editorial Quality and Client Service
New from WordCraft

WordCraft explores how networking can transform rich media production. [ go ]


WordCraft covers King Tut research for Cray Inc. [ go ]

What We Bring

Technical Expertise
Our expertise spans all areas of networking technology, high-performance computing, healthcare and more.

Project Management
An experienced project manager makes sure you get the highest quality results, on schedule and within your budget.

Targeted Messaging
Whether your market is small businesses or Fortune 100 companies, technical or business decision makers, customers or business partners, we can craft a story to engage their interest and address their needs.


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